11 Reasons Your Dispensary Needs an App

11 Reasons Your Dispensary Needs an App

Dispensary Marketing goes Mobile

Within the quickly changing medical marijuana industry, those dispensaries that are willing to adapt and find better ways to connect with their customers online, will reign king. On the contrary, those dispensaries who are not focusing on building their digital footprint, will die on the vine.

Today we will be discussing some of the many reasons why your dispensary, should consider building a brand / location specific mobile app.  If you are looking for ways to set yourself apart from competition; and want to increase sales, customer retention and dispensary loyalty then keep reading!

1. Customer Retention

Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges facing Dispensaries today.  Competition is getting pretty intense with new dispensaries and delivery services popping everywhere.  Having the ability to connect with each and every one of your customers is a surefire way to increase customer retention.

“Companies that prioritize the customer experience generate 60% higher profits than their competitors.” (Forbes)


2. Build Your Brand

Establishing your brand and being fresh in the mind of your customers is becoming increasingly important for dispensaries.

“77% of smartphone users said mobile offers, such as surprise points or rewards, exclusive content and special birthday messaging, have a positive or very positive impact on their brand loyalty.” (Vibes)


3. Repeat Sales

On average, repeat sales make up more than 33% of a dispensary’s profits (Forbes).  Isn’t it worth your while to invest in this core group of customers?  The best way to do this is to build a connection with them and make them feel valued.  Offering a rewards program, sending them exclusive offers and making them feel like they’re a part of a community are just some of the ways you can increase repeat sales. All this can be accomplished by having an independent dispensary app.


4. Inventory Management

Got some product that you need to get rid of? Do you need to let your repeat customers know that you are out of a certain product?  Wait….  Do you even have a way to directly communicate with your customer base?  Social networks won’t allow for any cannabis related posts, so what do you do?

No longer do you need to just sit on your hands – waiting for customers to come in, so you can tell them about a daily deal, or that you are out of their favorite product.

I am telling you from first hand experience: if I drive over to my local dispensary, only to find that my favorite product is out of stock, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But if I can see what is in and out of stock in advance, and make decisions about what I want to buy before I get to the store, then my purchasing experience is much more pleasant.


5. Customer Loyalty

Give your customers incentive for shopping at your dispensary.  Providing a loyalty and rewards program will dramatically increase repeat sales.  This is almost a no brainer.  Why would you shop elsewhere if you received reward points for every purchase?  If you don’t have a rewards or loyalty program in place now, you need to get one going ASAP!

“More than 45% of consumers say the opportunity to earn rewards is a primary driver for purchasing from a brand.” (Maritz)


6. Engage and Inform Customers

The businesses who take the lion’s share of the market will be the dispensaries who have mastered the art of customer engagement.  Staying fresh in the customer’s mind is just as important as providing a quality product or quality service.  To engage your customers you need to talk them and connect with them on a continual basis.  Sending them notifications of deals, new products, demo days and access to your menu are all ways of doing that.  Your app will allow for all these seamlessly!


7. Provide a Menu

Got a WeedMaps menu?  Great!  Stop sending your existing customers there!  WeedMaps is great for acquiring new customers but not so good for sending your existing ones.  Every time your existing customer opens up WeedMaps they are presented with all your local competitors who are just waiting for the opportunity to steal that business.  By sending customers to an independent app with only your menu of products, you cut out any chance that they will be tempted to shop elsewhere. This is absolutely critical for dispensaries to understand, and may be the most important point of this article!


8. Notify Customers of Deals

Having an app will give you the ability to send out Push Notifications to all your customers any time you want.  This is probably the most powerful tool available for your dispensary!  Pushing notifications out to your customers about time sensitive deals, or flash sales will help build your dispensary brand and increase repeat sales.

“59% said their opinion of a retailer would be more positive if they started to receive coupons and offers that could be saved on their smartphones.” (Vibes)


9. Social Networks Don’t Work For Dispensaries

Every dispensary knows and understands the difficulty of using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for brand and product promotion.  It just doesn’t work!  Dispensaries are sick of getting their posts removed and even worse their accounts being shutdown. To make things even more difficult, without these networks it’s nearly impossible to build a community around your brand or promote your products.  The only solution and holy grail for dispensaries is having an independent app for your dispensary!  Once you get your customers to download the app you are in complete control of what you promote and can start to build a loyal online COMMUNITY!


10. Notify Customers of Demo Days

Want a simple way to get more traffic to your dispensary?  Promote your demo days!  Your customers will love being the first to try new products and getting free samples. Your vendors will love you for getting customers to try their product and your dispensary will love getting increased traffic!  It’s a win-win-win situation. Within your app management tool you can easily schedule push notifications the day of or day before the demo day!


11. Customer Feedback

How do your customers feel about your products and services?  How can your dispensary improve? If you want to be the most popular dispensary in town you’re going to need to put your ear to the street! Having your customers take a quick survey can give your dispensary the insights needed to dominate your local market! Offer a free pre-roll Cone or rewards points for taking the survey, and you will find that many of your customers are happy to participate.


If that’s not enough to get you excited about getting an app for your dispensary then I don’t know what is! Please sound off in the comments section with questions, concerns or helpful tips for our readers.

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