Stand out in a sea of Green

Kushmoda offers a wide variety of services for the fast growing cannabis industry. See below and if you have any questions just ping us on chat!

We can design almost anything

From print to the web and everything in between. Our team of designers have years of experience in Print, Web, Packaging and Product design.


We offer a wide variety of products to help your brand reach your customer the way they want, organically.

Custom Apps for your needs

You already know we do mobile, but did you know we also offer a multitude of web products?

We have some amazing partners

We pride ourselves on making friends not contacts and partner with some amazing people to help your idea sprout into a thriving business

Menu boards and Interactive Content

We have partnered with SignageTECH to bring you digital signage solutions to fit your needs.

Are you prepared for HaX0rs?

Hackers cause havoc all over the net and the last thing you want is your patient data unprotected.